Habanero Ventures

Spice up your Team, your Processes, and your Technology For a Sustainable Future


Partner With Us

Your mission is to sustainably {change, innovate, revolutionize, save} your {market, industry segment, community, planet}. We believe small- and medium-size organizations are the heroes most capable of achieving outsized results for the challenges they undertake

Our mission is to partner with you to turbocharge your success with winning strategies, innovative tools, and a mission-first approach – to achieve tangible, sustainable results while making the world a better place.

Impact Leverage Empower

We blend global perspective with local insight to offer tailored consulting and coaching services. We leverage right-sized cutting-edge marketing and sales automation tools, then implement the best practices and processes, to train, inspire, and empower your staff. The result is a super-charged revenue generation team capable of scaling quickly and efficiently.

Discovery Strategy Adoption

We start with inquiry to deeply understand your goals and dreams, uncover your superpowers, and reveal the antagonists holding you back. Together we review and hone your strategies, then make solid recommendations for innovative technology solutions. This leads to creative process improvements, and to inspirational training, coaching, and other ways to up-level your customer-facing employees. We provide tools to consistently measure success with Key Performance Indicators.


You will see revenue growth accelerate, profits increase, and stakeholder satisfaction improve. You and your team will know you are achieving your dreams sooner and bigger by working smarter, not harder. Your confidence in the business will allow you to sleep better and enjoy a more balanced and fulfilling life. Your true superpowers will be fully unleashed for the betterment of the world.

Our Services

Benchmark your people, processes and technology against best-performing sales organizations while defining your revenue goals for every stage of business.

Build and implement a strategy to launch or expand into a market segment, prospect, and deliver high quality leads to sales at an optimal rate and cadence.

Shift from a talent-based, sales rep system to a process-driven system where reasonably-talented salespeople can excel in longer term account-based sales success.

Fully Leverage the power of CRM, Lead Generation, Sales Process Optimization and Enablement software to automate and create revealing reports.

Fine tune sales management skills. Create a sales pipeline model that empowers everyone to stay on track and accountable.

Assess and improve individual salesperson skills and create a compensation model that encourages the right behaviors while improving profitability, increasing stakeholder satisfaction, and improving the environment impact.