Review for best practices


We start with a diagnostic review of all sales-related processes, technology, and technique. We will probe to determine if every factor is aligned with the organization’s strategies and contributing to the revenue goals in the most optimized ways possible, benchmarked against leading best practices fine-tuned for your market. 

We can also evaluate congruency between your sustainability goals and practices as they apply to the salesforce. We look at sustainability from three lenses –sustaining ongoing relationships with existing customers; improving sales rep awareness of your company’s CSR goals and those of their customers; and improving sales’ contribution to meeting your company’s CSR goals.


The next step is to increase the quality and quantity of leads. We can help build and implement a strategy to launch or expand into a market segment, prospect, and deliver qualified leads to your sellers that have the highest rate of conversion.


Third is to create proven, repeatable sales processes that win. Shift from a talent-based sales rep system, to a process-driven system where reasonably-talented salespeople can excel in longer term account-based sales success.


Our technology review will identify ways to fully leverage the powerful CRM, lead generation, sales enablement, and other leading technology to improve staff efficiencies, increase customer satisfaction, and create reports to empower everyone involved with revenue generation.


Armed with optimized technology and processes, we now work with sales management to implement change through improved training and coaching. Our goal is to create a sales pipeline model that empowers salespeople to stay on track and accountable as increased trust and confidence beget success, and vice versa.


  1. Now working off a solid foundation, it is time to assess and upskill individual sales staff and fine tune compensation models that encourage the right behaviors creating improved profitability, balanced stakeholder benefits, and lowered impact on the environment.


·       Complex Bids and Contracts – Help create proposals, structure deals, and price quotes/bids. Prepare and make presentations to top decision makers, C-Suite, and Boards of Directors. Contract negotiations (caveat: we are not lawyers, but have written or negotiated many contracts from EULAs to multi-party $90 million international deals).
·       Territory planning for lowest cost, highest revenue generation focus of sellers.
·       Transforming the organization from sales funnel to sales flywheel approach.
·       Channel marketing – planning, program development, recruitment.
·       Account-based marketing – improve effectiveness with large strategic accounts.
·       International expansion and operations – International markets strategy development and go-to-market plans; productization development issues and challenges; distributor recruitment and management; subsidiary creation, staffing, and management.
·       Evaluate market entry into the US for non-US companies. Review the competitive landscape; explore channel vs direct options; partnering options; co-investment options; salesforce deployment / territories; support agencies and specialists (marketing, legal, finance and accounting, HR, etc.); go-to-market planning.
·       Part-time sales management. Benefit from all this expertise at a fraction of the cost. 
·       Part-time Operations management. Review and recommend improvements to existing administrative processes, identify gaps, and automate where possible.
·       Project management, contract management, major bid administration. Emphasis on transparent communications and clear communications for project success and timely and accurate billing.