Garth Neil

Founder,  Revenue Solutions Consultant

Garth has been major contributor to the top lines of some of the world’s most successful high-tech companies and social entrepreneurial organizations. He brings a wealth of practical knowledge and human insights that have produced winning sales and business development teams from small start-ups to Fortune 500s, managing and advising both domestic US and international teams.

Garth’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility has manifested through his leadership positions with the Presidio Graduate School (offering an MBA and MPA in Sustainability); Pacific Institute for Women’s Health (Increasing access for underserved women in the US and internationally);  WomenCare Global (providing reproductive health technology to underserved women around the world); and DrawBridge (an arts program for homeless children). He also founded Habanero Construction  –  a pioneer building green and non-toxic residential construction and remodeling.   

Lisa Marie Andersen

Operations Consultant

Lisa Marie has been a dynamic sales professional, professional fund raiser, and organizational development leader in fast growing industry leaders. She specializes in creating pragmatic results with wisdom and impeccable insight.

Lisa Marie has experience with B2C and B2B sales, membership drives, and capital campaigns. 

She is a community leader who brings disparate organizations and individuals together to accomplish domestic and international social outreach projects that were unattainable by individual efforts.